GGUSD Student Wins Districtwide Spelling Bee for Third Year in a Row

 GGUSD 7th-8th grade spelling bee winner, Brandon Tran of Bell Intermediate School, poses with his first place trophy.

Garden Grove Unified School District (GGUSD) held its 32nd Annual 7th and 8th Grade Spelling Bee on January 16 at the Edgar District Meeting Center. Bell Intermediate School student Brandon Tran edged out 40 other GGUSD intermediate school students, correctly spelling lederhosento place first for the third year in a row. 

“Congratulations to Brandon for this extraordinary accomplishment of winning three spelling bee competitions in a row,” said Lan Nguyen, GGUSD Board of Education president. “All of our spellers did an amazing job and we wish the nine runners-up luck as they prepare for the county-wide competition.” Each of the district’s ten intermediate schools entered its four best spellers in the district competition.

Contestants were asked to spell such words as valise, jubilarian, egocentricity, and streusel kuchen.

Khanh-Linh Tonnu from Lake Intermediate School finished in second place, followed by Jessica Nguyen of McGarvin Intermediate School in third place and Ryan Nguyen of Lake Intermediate School, fourth place. Other honored participants include Anna Do of Irvine Intermediate School, fifth place; Vicky Nguyen of Ralston Intermediate School, sixth place; Rachel Yun of Bell Intermediate School, seventh place; Ethan Nguyen of Lake Intermediate School, eighth place; Linh Tran of Alamitos Intermediate School, ninth place; and Cassara Ly of Ralston Intermediate School, tenth place.

School Board President Lan Q. Nguyen, Esq. and Vice President Teri Rocco presented trophies to the top ten spellers, and all contest entrants received certificates of participation.

The district champion and the nine runners-up will represent the district at the Orange County Spelling Competition, with the written segment scheduled February 25, followed by the deciding oral spelling round on March 2; both events will be held at the Orange County Department of Education.

 GGUSD will be crowning a fourth through sixth grade spelling bee champion on Wednesday February 20, after which the winners of the two spelling bees will be invited to and recognized at the April 16 Board of Education meeting.