Pacifica’s Adopt-A-Child Continues on Through Pandemic

Pacifica students with gifts

On Monday, December 14, Pacifica High School seniors delivered toys to elementary school students for their annual Adopt-A-Child event; where 12th graders “adopted” a kindergartner and purchased gifts for them.

Adopt-A-Child has been a Pacifica winter tradition for over 30 years and even in the middle of a pandemic, Pacifica High School seniors felt that it was important to keep the tradition going. This year, two groups of students loaded up two buses and delivered the toys to five elementary schools. More than 280 kindergarteners were “adopted” by 251 Pacifica seniors and 24 staff members.

“I am extremely proud of the Pacifica seniors for their resiliency and selflessness during this time,” said Board of Education Trustee Teri Rocco. “They understand how important Adopt-A-Child is and worked hard to make sure they still were able to make this holiday season special for a group of deserving children.”

Students who received gifts this year are from schools with the highest percentage of students receiving free and reduced lunch, which include Clinton, Eisenhower, Hazard, Heritage, and Simmons elementary schools.