Newhope Elementary Student’s Make-A-Wish Request is Loud and Clear

Vivian Nguyen's Make a Wish presentation

In an act of pure selflessness, Newhope Elementary School student Vivian Nguyen wished for the Make-A-Wish Foundation to purchase her school a new sound system for use in the multi-purpose room. Vivian was selected by the Make-A-Wish Foundation to receive a wish after battling a brain condition that affected many of her motor functions.

“Vivian has been an inspiration to all of us.  She has shown tremendous grit and resiliency while battling a difficult health condition and a challenging recovery,” said Newhope Principal Adam Bernstein. “We are truly humbled by her generosity to make her wish on behalf of our school.”

Vivian chose a new sound system for her school so that her wish can be enjoyed for generations of students for years to come. She said she was grateful for the support her classmates, teachers, and school staff provided during her time in the hospital.  Vivian participates in Newhope’s Disney Musicals in Schools program, in which she played Rafiki in last year’s “Lion King” production while battling her condition.         

In a small ceremony led by Gloria Crockett of the Orange County and Inland Empire chapter of Make-A-Wish, Vivian was also presented with slew of school supplies including markers, books, and back packs to for her classmates to enjoy. Brother International and Make-A-Wish also surprised Vivian with a brand-new MacBook Pro for her selflessness.

She was also presented with gifts from her teachers who help direct and put on the Disney Musicals in Schools program and said they will be referring to the brand-new sound system as “Vivian’s Voice” because she is the reason why they will have a nice and clear sound system moving forward.