La Quinta High School Students Announce Worldwide Release of Third Book

La Quinta students displaying their newly released book.

Garden Grove Unified School District (GGUSD) creative writing students from La Quinta High School announced the worldwide release of the young authors’ third book.  The 2017 Anthology entitled, Train of Thoughts, is being sold on Amazon for $15, and is a 230 page book filled with short stories, poems, and a play written by students.

“Many famous authors spend years at the start of their careers trying to accomplish what these gifted students have done before their high school graduation,” said Bob Harden, GGUSD Board of Education vice president.  “We are so proud of La Quinta’s creative writing students for the hard work invested in this very successful class project.”

Train of Thoughts represents the third anthology written by the creative writing students at La Quinta High School, who worked under the guidance of award-winning author and teacher Amanda LaPera.  Students were responsible for all aspects of the project including the writing, title choice, cover artwork, revisions and edits.

The genres represented in the book range from romance to adventure, fantasy to comedy, and include stories about robots, jewels, dragons, and fairies.  Train of Thoughts can be purchased at La Quinta’s bookstore for $10 and all royalties earned will go directly back to the school’s creative writing program. 

Student authors include Daniel Bui, Diane Bui, Jennifer Chau, Angela Chhun, Emily Dang, Huan Dao, Kristy Diep, Lily Do, Tuyet Duong, Leianna Giryan, Christine Ha, Joseph Ho, Cheyenne Danielle Hunt, Vicente Inciong, Kenna B. James, Linda Lam, Bryan Le, Becky Lee, Katie Luong, Jayson Mitchell, Katia Navarrete, Angelina Ngo, Andrea Nguyen, Colleen Nguyen, Derek Nguyen, Helen Nguyen, Jenny Nguyen, Kimberly Nguyen, Kristy Nguyen, Vincent Nguyen, Angel Nunez, Thong Pham, Alexandra Quang, Mikayla Reilly, Gabrielle Romero, Chloe Sanchez, Tyler Ta, April Thong, Maggie Tieu, Vylan Tran, Monica Van, Peter Vu, and Aamir Yusuf.