GGUSD Names New Elementary School Spelling Bee Champ

Elementary school spelling bee champion celebrating his win with trophies alongside GGUSD members and administrators.

Garden Grove Unified School District’s 30th annual Elementary School Spelling Bee trophy was awarded to Patton Elementary School fifth grader Brandon Tran on Wednesday, March 15.

Tran correctly spelled the deciding word, mnemonic, to become the top speller among students from 43 elementary schools in GGUSD. Jeremy Nguyen from Sunnyside Elementary School took second place, and Tommy Nguyen from Allen Elementary School took third place.

“Our young spellers demonstrated a tremendous level of focus and it was clear that a lot of studying went into preparing for this competition,” said Lan Nguyen, Garden Grove Unified School District Board of Education president.

The first place trophy was awarded by Board of Education President Lan Nguyen, Trustee Teri Rocco, Superintendent Gabriela Mafi, Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education Sara Wescott, and Patton Elementary School Principal Jennifer Carter.

Each of the district’s 43 elementary schools entered their top speller after they held their school spelling bees in January.