New GGUSD Elementary Spelling Bee Winner Crowned

GGUSD Elementary School Spelling Bee winner Jessica Truong poses with GGUSD Superintendent Gabriela Mafi, Board of Education Vice President Teri Rocco, and Board of Education Lan Nguyen, Asst. Superintendent Sara Wescott, and her Principal Gurprit Dhillon.

The 32nd Annual Garden Grove Unified School District Spelling Bee for elementary school students was won by Peters (4-6) Elementary fifth-grader Jessica Truong on February 20. Jessica correctly spelled the deciding word, resilience, to become the top speller among the 43 elementary schools in GGUSD.

Cynthia Tran from Heritage Elementary School, Johnathan Highfield from Hazard Elementary School, April Truong from Hill Elementary School, Carolyn Hoang from Parkview Elementary School, and Bryant Nguyen from Excelsior Elementary School tied for second place.

“Each and every contestant should be proud of placing first at their school competitions and for having a strong showing at the district-wide spelling bee,” said Teri Rocco, Board of Education Vice President. “It was great to see so many of our students vying for the top spot in the final round.”

The trophy was awarded by GGUSD Board of Education President Lan Nguyen, Board of Education Vice President Teri Rocco, Superintendent Gabriela Mafi, and Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education Sara Wescott.

Each of the district’s 43 elementary schools entered their top speller from the school-wide spelling bees hosted in January.