District Approved Tree List

Tree (Specie) Shape Mature Height
Australian Willow Round 20'-40'
Bradford Pear Cone-Round 30'-50'
Camphor Round 25'-50'
Carrot Wood Round 20'-40'
Chinese Elm Weeping 40'-60'
Crape Myrtle Rounded 25'-30'
European Birch Weeping 30'-40'
Fruitless Mulberry Rounded 20'-60'
Fruitless Plum Round Under 25'
Ginkgo Round 25'-50'
Jacaranda Round (Field Only) 25'-40'
Purple Orchid Round 25'-40'
Star Pine Cone Over 100'
Sycamore Round 40'-80'
Tristania Conferta Columnar 30'-60'

Attached below is a PDF file of the District Approved Trees.